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Working Capital

Working capital is the cash in handy to fund a company’s day to day operations; essentially, what you have to work with. Working capital is the difference between existing property and current liabilities. The present asset is the cash you have within the bank as well as any asset you may quickly convert to cash in case you need it. Existing liabilities are money owed that you will pay off within the 12 months.

So, working capital is what’s left over when you take away your current liabilities from what you have in the bank. The rise of alternative lending in recent years has been getting easier since the times of The Great Recession. There is no restriction on use of funds and there is no collateral required in order to qualify. Like merchant cash advances, working capital loans can be repaid in small, daily, manageable repayments. But unlike merchant cash advances, working capital loans are legally loans, which mean that you have the benefit of state usury law on your side, and you’re protected from predatory practices.


Why work with us

We work with our team, like we do, that investing with an eye for return and positive output that is mutually exclusive. In fact, we believe if done properly and with discipline, using social and non-financial criteria to analyze companies can produce better long term results towards their assets and fix any and all liabilities.

Advantages of Working Capital

  • Convenient Payment Terms

Working capital loans are repaid in small, daily amounts automatically, but like merchant cash advances, the amount is predictable and easy to plan around. You have a constant payment amount that you can count on and plan for.

  • Not Tied to Revenue Transactions

This type of loan is a proper solution for any type of business, not just businesses that primarily deal with revenue sales. Because working capital loans aren’t tied to your credit card transactions, you don’t have to switch payment plans, so you don’t face unnecessary delays in accessing your own capital. And most importantly, you can qualify for much higher loan amounts because all of your revenue is taken into thought in a loan offer.

  • Flexible Spending

Working capital loans give you access to fast capital that you can use for any business purpose, making them a great choice for taking advantage of that growth opportunity you’ve had in mind, or getting ahead on accounts payable.


So in short if you’re ever in doubt about your financials and need a solution come work with us at Qickestloans. We are here to provide you with out best services and affordable rates so that you will stay hassle free. Always ready for you 24/7.